Frontend Developers

Tipi i punes: Full-Time

Aplikimet skadojne me: 31-12-2021

BP TECH is looking for Frontend Developers, with at least 1 year experience.

You will be working with a young team of developers to develop products with user experience and interface, responsible for creating a unique and elegant interaction between users and our applications across all platforms.

Qualifications and skills:

Sufficient experience with HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuey, ReactJs, API integration.

Ability to write high-performance, well-designed, well-crafted, readable, and tested code in a team environment.

Convey effectively with all task progress, evaluations, suggestions, schedules along with technical and process issues.

Keep abreast of new trends and best practices in web development.

Ability to work in team.

Address: Mbas 15 kateshit, ne qender te Tiranes

How to apply:

● Send your CV to [email protected]

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