Backend Developer: Node.js (m/f/d)

Tipi i punes: Full-Time

Vendndodhja: Remote

Aplikimet skadojne me: 15-10-2021

We are looking for a mid-senior to senior Node.js developer with at least 2 years experience in Graphql to help us advance our API services and extend our product functionality and optimise scalability, performance and security.

We are a product and customer driven company. Technology is at the core of our work. We are product-minded builders, architects, coders, bug-hunters and designers. We deliver amazing customer experiences via our cross-platform and cross-device apps using cutting-edge tools, modern engineering practices and always keeping software quality and security on our radar. We have a cutting-edge environment and use NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, MongoDB and our infrastructure is powered by AWS SNS, AWS SQS, AWS ECS, AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Search and AWS S3.

The job can be temporarily executed in the next 6-8 months remotely, depending on the current covid situation. At the end of these 6-8 months you will be offered the possibility to work from one of our offices (Munich, Germany or Plovdiv, Bulgaria). Please note that the offers you will get will differentiate based on the location you choose to work permanently from after the remote working period. For the relocation to Munich, we do not offer any relocation packages, but we do assist you closely throughout the process of obtaining a VISA and can help you find a flat and settle down in the city.


  • Experience with complex microservices, event-driven architecture, integrations and developing APIs.
  • You are proficient in Node.js, Express, GraphQL and MongoDB.
  • Proven experience with cloud providers and in building resilient and scalable APIs.
  • Know how to write clean code, apply design patterns and unit testing.
  • Ability to drive and deliver large features and projects spanning across multiple sprints.
  • Ability to identify, articulate issues and take ownership for delivering practical solutions, while prioritizing tasks effectively.
  • Good learning ability, open-mindedness and good self-organizational skills will be absolutely key to the success of your work in our team.


  • Work with our backend team to enhance its event-driven architecture inside of the AWS-ecosystem in order to help our web, tablet and mobile products give the best experience to its users.
  • Work on our API layer, which utilizes a GraphQL service for our frontend products and Developer Platform.
  • Architect services using well-accepted patterns to allow autonomous development and future scaling.
  • Share your knowledge, develop expertise in our product and grow with your team to become an even greater engineer.
  • Optimise existing services for better scalability and performance.


  • You’ll be responsible for the development and refactoring of our Core API and will be delivering various microservices for our frontend products.

You can send your application here: https://www.timify.com/en-gb/career/

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