Software Developer

Rroga: 1500 EUR - 1800 EUR

Tipi i punes: Full-Time

Aplikimet skadojne me: 31-05-2021

C# Developer Responsibilities:

  • Developing C# .NET solutions for the organization.
  • Debugging and maintaining written code.
  • Defining and organizing projects on an ongoing basis.
  • Reporting and resolving issues related to .NET projects.
  • Identifying and handling technical risks and issues.
  • Working in a project team alongside other developers.
  • Providing technical support to stakeholders in the organization.
  • Reporting on project statuses and developments to senior team members.
  • Participating in project meetings with management and other team members.

C# Developer Requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree in computer programming, computer science, or information technology will be a plus.
  • C#, .NET 3.5 (or higher), and Microsoft Visual Studio certification and experience.
  • Basic knowledge of sql server
  • API
  • .net framework basic
  • A minimum of 1 years of experience as a C# programmer or developer.
if this position is suitable for you then send your cv at [email protected]

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